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Fitness on the Run (FOR) is a private studio located in Old Town Alexandria. We offer individualized personal training programs for every fitness level. Many clients take advantage of our popular classes as well. All of our programs are instructed by a team of highly skilled instructors and specialists. Just check out our fitness trainers.

Most clients come to us for improved body image. Our approach to fitness focuses on increasing lean muscle, excellent posture, cardiovascular health, and proper range of motion for healthy joints. We believe in longevity, happiness and an injury free existence. Naturally, a more satisfying physique is the result. You will learn how to move better and more efficiently.

We were voted the Best Boutique Gym and Best Fitness Instructor by the Washington Post Express Newspaper.

What We Offer

Like having a personal trainer, but with the motivation of others at a f…

Our Instructors

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coach-adrien Adrien

With the insistence of a small group of friends, Adrien started Fit…


Denise is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor…


Julio originally came to DC from the Dominican Republic to pursue h…

From The Blog
November 16, 2016 Beware of the Fitness Gadgets

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Fitness On The Run

  • 703.299.9333 (Checked once daily.)

  • 210 N Lee St., Alexandria, VA 22314

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