FOR classes are like having a personal trainer… but with the motivation of others at a fraction of the cost!

Classes are very flexible, very affordable, and stress-free – it doesn’t matter if one person or six show for the session – you will pay your flat rate. You can expect a thoughtful warm up, resistance and strength training and conditioning work. We have seen over 200 clients make huge progress on their strength, flexibility, and personal fitness goals. We can help you too.


Independents WeekStretch for Strength | Saturdays at 10am

Ready for 50 minutes of stretch, mobility and flow? Our Stretch for Strength Class is a perfect compliment to getting stronger and building muscle. The class will feel like a combination of yoga, flow, stretching and fun.






Getting Started

We highly encourage you to take advantage of our “2 for $100” for two one-on-one personal training sessions prior to attending a class or specialty group. During this visit, we assess your mobility and fitness and demonstrate the core movements you can expect in a class or group. Our instructors and clients find this is very helpful before they attend one of our classes so you can know what to expect for your first time.

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