FOR classes are like having a personal trainer… but with the motivation of others at a fraction of the cost!

Classes are very flexible, very affordable, and stress-free – it doesn’t matter if one person or six show for the session – you will pay your flat rate. You can expect a thoughtful warm up, resistance and strength training and conditioning work. Since its inception in October 2013, we have seen over 80 clients make huge progress on their strength, flexibility, and personal fitness goals.

Our classes vary from 1-6 people. What do you receive for being a Fitness on the Run client?

  • A full body composition analysis.
  • Goal setting with regular check ins at your request.
  • Complete mobility assessment to ensure your safety during sessions


At Fitness on the Run, we have learned time and time again the importance of proper form and individualized attention. Therefore, all of our classes are limited to (6) people (Fridays are limited to 8 since it is a more advanced class).

Also, we ask you try to try any one of our classes. Each one of our classes includes power, strength, core and conditioning and brings a different flavor yet the same philosophy of our skilled instructors.

We do suggest you register on the wait list for any class. Frequently, a spot opens, the waitlisted client is notified and can registered in the class.

Getting Started

The first step is to register:

  • Go to “new client registration
  • Create a profile and login/password, complete the health history, agree to the waiver and click the box to receive e-mails from us. This is how we communicate when your sessions are booked, confirmed and cancelled through our online scheduling system, MindBody.
  • Last, please login to your profile to add your billing information on our secure site.


How do I get started?
We require a one-on-one personal training session prior to attending a class at a discount rate of $50. During this visit, we assess your mobility and fitness and demonstrate the core movements you can expect in a class. Our instructors and clients find this is very helpful before they attend one of our classes so you can know what to expect for your first time.

After my one-on-one, how can I book my first class?
In order to register for a session, you first must enter your billing information under your personal profile on our secure site.

What are the packages and do you offer installment plans?
You may purchase 12, 24, 48, 96 or 144 classes through our website. You can pay in full or we offer a 3-month installment plan (12 and 24 sessions) and 12-month installments (48, 96, or 144 sessions). If all of your sessions are used prior to the completion of your 3 or 12-month payment plan, you can purchase another package. If all sessions are completed before the 3 or 12-month payment plan/contract is complete, the remaining amount of the package is due in full prior to joining another FOR class.

See more about Pricing and Packages