Adrien Cotton on the KettlebellsHave you heard about the centuries-old Kettlebells exercise that is all the rage these days? FOR clients are seeing results with these black, bell-like weights, and having fun while getting in shape. FOR’s Kettlebell training program is one of the area’s best. Our trainers, including two with the elite and RKC certification, can teach you how to use Kettlebells to improve strength, accelerate fat loss, increase bone density, and improve mobility and focus. Studies have shown that a Kettlebell workout can burn up to 20 calories a minute. Get more bang for your exercise buck with Kettlebells.

Fitness On The RunPlan to build more muscle, burn more fat and get much stronger than you ever imagined.

Our Kettlebell program is built on three pillars: safety, form and fun.

First, we ensure that every participant in every class understands how to safety handle and move with a Kettlebell.

Second, we are highly certified on form. If proper form isn’t practiced, maximum results will be compromised.

Last, we make sure every class has a “fun” component. Fun can be the type the weight and or the style of the workout. That’s why you are here – – – to have fun while you are GETTING STRONGER.

Therefore, becoming prepared for a Kettlebell  class at FOR  includes at least 3 one-on-one sessions with a certified Kettlebell instructor. This instructor will teach each of the (6) basic kettlebell movements to you and make sure you “pass” them so that you will feel confident in a class with others who have been practicing Kettlebells for 3 years plus.

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