With the insistence of a small group of friends, Adrien started Fitness on the Run in 2004. Adrien holds her enormous passion for helping others achieve wellness today as much as she did on day one at FOR. She works with clients at their level, not hers. She listens, watches, then adjusts their program to suit them.

Adrien works to set an example for them with her own training and lifestyle. Adrien is certified in personal training and nutrition and is trained in Crossfit Level 1, Hard Style Kettlebells, and has been trained by the best including Charles Staley of Staley Training Systems, Marty Gallagher and Pavel Psatsouline. Among her many certifications are StrongFirst Level 1; StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebells; Dragon Door RKC Level 1; Wellness Coaching; Functional Training and Student of Mobility. She is also CPR-certified. She is studying now for her Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification.

Adrien is an accomplished athlete having completed dozens of road races and winning her age group, ranging from 3 miles to several marathons to the Pumpkinman triathlon at Lake Mead, NV. Her aim is to move well every day – whether with a weight or just walking down the street.

Over time, she realized she was not made to be a distance runner. Running hurt her knees, back, neck, and you name it, and all by age 30. She aggressively studied how to be ultimately as fit AND healthy as possible and discovered bodyweight (no equipment) training, and fell in love. The ability to train anywhere and anytime is one of her greatest pleasures. Pull ups on a tree branch at the park, push ups wherever as long as her kids are on her back, and of course holding them while doing a squat are personal favorites. Why? Along with her husband Bill, they inspire her to want a long healthy and active life.

In 2010, Adrien was named a top personal trainer by Washington Post Express Magazine and she was featured on She earned a Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University in 1996. Prior to that, she graduated from St. Mary’s College in California with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Spanish.

Adrien’s favorite exercise: Pullup, The Get Up and heavy Deadlifts.
Adrien’s exercise goal: Stay healthy and injury free and maintain my strength as I age.
Adrien’s favorite place to exercise: Cardiff-by-the-Sea.
Adrien’s stress relief: Exercise and prayer or BOTH simultaneously.
Adrien’s greatest fitness challenge: Teaching students to ignore fashion and fitness magazine advice on fitness and to learn how the journey is different for each individual.
Adrien’s biggest food challenge: See’s Candy!
Adrien’s rise and shine: Asleep by 10pm
Adrien’s wellness lesson learned this year: Watching my father age and struggle with long term illness motivates me to live healthy and show our children to live and think healthy and strong.