After making a conscious choice to be happy and healthy in every aspect of her life, Chavon-Laurén found the courage to stop making excuses and move closer to her family in Virginia to sort of “start over”. While deciding on a new career, it occurred to her that exercise was something she loved and craved, but never had time for. It was that thought that led her to the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Vienna, Va. where she discovered her passion for personal training.

As a leader in the Army since 2005, Chavon-Laurén is an expert in interpersonal communication, a Certified Resilience Trainer, and a motivational speaker. She has trained thousands of Soldiers during group and individual fitness sessions, and counseled unfit and overweight Soldiers on the importance of a healthy mind, good nutrition, and a sound exercise routine. She offered her personal time to help them not only meet, but exceed their goals in meeting the Army physical fitness standards.

Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Chavon-Laurén excelled in basketball, football, and track and field events such as the 100, 200, and 400 meter individual sprints and relays, as well as the high jump, long jump, and triple jump. More recently, Chavon-Laurén has participated in the Virginia Super Spartan, Army 10-Miler, Bataan Death March, Tough Mudder, and was a key player in the Army vs. Navy football games in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Chavon-Laurén is a motivator, an encourager, a confidence and self-esteem builder, but most-of–all-a-great listener. She believes that self-awareness and personal accountability are key in goal accomplishment. Her motto is, “The body is transformed through metamorphosis of the mind.” If you believe you can do it, take the necessary steps to make it happen. No excuses.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlift & Hanging Leg Raises
Exercise Goal: Muscle Up & The Splits
Favorite Place to Exercise: Redondo Beach, California
Favorite Stress Relief Technique: I run until every ounce of stress is gone from my body and my mind is completely clear…however long it takes.
Greatest Fitness Challenge: Virginia Super Spartan 2016
Biggest Food Challenge: MEAL PREP
Rise and Shine: In bed by 10pm. Wake up at 5am.
Wellness Lesson Learned This Year: Happiness is found in all the things you love, but never make time for.