Fitness Specials & Workshops

Fitness Specials & Workshops

Fitness on the Run often runs fitness specials and workshops throughout the course of the year. Here you will find the most current training offerings.

RUN for Strength.

$19/per person 11-12PM | Saturday, May 13th

Ready to Run?

Learn how to set the right goals – whether for a race or just for fun! Dominika will talk about a training plan, cross training, strength training and nutrition plan.


  • When to strength train, when to run and what excercises compliment running
  • How to prevent runner’s injuries
  • The importance of strength training
  • Why to train movements, not muscles
  • How to run for weight loss and strength at the same time!
  • How to BURN fat
  • What to eat while training without starving yourself

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Yoga at FOR

We are excited to announce YOGA at FOR! With Miranda Wall | Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor. Read Miranda’s bio.

Sundays at 4:30PM

Introductory package $49 (includes 4 classes)

Purchase your Yoga package *one per person



Old Town Alexandria street style

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