Fitness Specials & Workshops

Fitness Specials & Workshops

Fitness on the Run often runs fitness specials and workshops throughout the course of the year. Here you will find the most current training offerings.

Move Better Workshop

$19/per person 10-11AM | Saturday, June 10th

Age with Balance, Strength and Confidence

Our Move Better group is designed for anyone who wants to get strong, gain improved balance and increase joint mobility. We recommend these sessions for those who want to improve their balance and mobility, those who want a small group environment to get stronger, and even those who are injured.

What you can expect: Program designed for each individual and the group as a whole. It’s a personal training session at fraction of the cost! Register Now!


Run for Strength.

Strength training is important for everyone – from professional athletes to people recovering from injuries and everyone in-between. And, even more for runners.

We want to get you ready for your race or just the race of life. We offer specialty groups, classes and 1-on-1 training taught by a national champion runner, Dominika Cihanova.

Working on your strength, mobility and flexibility allows you to be as strong and efficient as you can be – even more so as a runner.

In our workshop series, you will learn:
• Why strength training is an important part of endurance training
• How to prevent injuries
• Why your core really matters
• Why the plank is so important for running

To get started, contact us at and get more details on pricing here.


Yoga at FOR

We are excited to announce YOGA at FOR! With Miranda Wall | Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor. Read Miranda’s bio.

Saturdays at 4:00PM

Introductory package $49 (includes 4 classes)

Purchase your Yoga package *one per person



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