Meals on the Run

We all know getting proper and healthy nutrition is essential to success in the gym. In this spirit, FOR has partnered with Power Supply to provide ready-to-go meals delivered right here at FOR Mondays and Thursdays.

You can pick up your 3 or 5 meals at FOR during your session or class or during the following times:

Monday – Friday: 6am – 1pm

FOR Offers Nutrition Through Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Consultation with Ann Wendel, owner of Prana PT

Via Face to Face, Skype, or phone appointments Ann offers Diet & Lifestyle Consultations for the management of autoimmune diseases, weight issues, and chronic pain/inflammation through nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise techniques.
• $150.00 – 60 min. Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Consultation
• $120.00 – 60 min. Paleo Diet and Lifestyle follow up
• $75.00 – 30 min. follow up
• $100.00/month – weekly email support added on to Consultation

The Perfect Nutrition Bar

FOR offers Nutrition through Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Consultation through Ann Wendel, owner of Prana PT. Rates are below.

Photo of FOuR Nutrition BarOur philosophy at FOR is to achieve maximum health and longevity, 80% is determined by what you eat, 10% is your fitness and 10% is stress and sleep management. The FOuR bar is one way we can help you feed your body real, healthy and wholesome food.

In 2004, after many clients struggled with satisfying their hunger between meals, we researched the expanding world of nutrition bars. We looked for a quick and healthy snack about which they wouldn’t feel guilty. We wanted the largest macronutrient to be protein minimal far, sugar and of course carbohydrate.

After culling through literally hundreds of food labels, we chose the bars we offer at FOR. While these store-bought bars have been popular with our clients as the best choice available, still, they contain over 20 ingredients (to maintain quality, texture and shelf life).

Today, we know our bodies want REAL food for fuel. Our bodies thrive and can better digest food that is consumed in the way that it was grown. This isn’t just about our physiques, it’s about our health and longevity.

This Fall, a long-time client introduced us to her home-made bars which she sells as part of her small business. We loved them – they were exactly what we were looking for in a nutrition bar – good-tasting, nutritious, and natural, all with a calorie count we can feel good about.

So today we present to you the “FOuR bar,” It has FOuR and only FOUR ingredients: Protein powder, almond butter, gluten free steel oats, and honey

And we make it. It is a meal (full bar) or a snack (half bar). You should drink at least 16 oz. of water with the bar. It will make you thirsty because it is packed with protein – vegan organic protein!

The FOuR Nutrition Bar:
20 grams of protein,
18 grams of fat (healthy fat from the almond butter),
38 carbs (mainly from the honey)
Chocolate protein powder

The bars are vegan and gluten free.
350 calories per bar.
And remember only 4 ingredients: protein powder, almond butter, gluten free steel oats, and honey.

Single bar – $3
Box of bars – $33 ($2.75 per bar)

E-mail and request a box. We recommend you refrigerate the bars because they contain natural oils. You may also freeze the bars. Take it with you to work in the morning and it will be the perfect snack (half bar in the morning and half of the bar in the afternoon) or full bar for your lunch.


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