Personal Training
Outside LungeExisting Clients: click here to schedule your personal training sessions.Personal training at FOR is specifically designed for the individual’s goals and the body’s needs. These sessions are typically 50 minutes and include some stretching, some high intensity interval work and weightlifting.FOR believes that it is best for your experience with us to work with more than one trainer. We have found that it is beneficial to ensure schedule flexibility. In addition, each of our trainers believes in the same exercise philosophy yet practice slightly different styles. This way we can keep your body “guessing” for ultimate strength and fat loss and help you maximize the 50 minutes you invest with us.Dianna and Rosemary


Pricing: Personal training packages are available from 1 to 48 sessions for $78/50 minute session.

For new clients only (one-time only):
2-session package: $100

New clients: please e-mail us at to schedule your first session.
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“I was on a short road to a heart attack: out of shape and overweight. After only a few sessions at FOR, I was disciplined and determined to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I now run 3 miles without effort, I am eating better, and I actually look forward to my workouts because the results are apparent to me, my wife, and my doctor.” – SS