Packages & Pricing

Affordable pricing and efficient training = fitness success.

Whether you choose our Personal Training program, our very popular classes or a workshop, we strive to make FOR the most convenient and successful resource for your fitness.

The first step is to register:

Personal Training

Fitness on the Run offers personal training sessions designed for each client’s goals and needs. We balance what you want with what you need. Each 50-minute session includes a warm up, power, core, strength training, mobility, stretching, and conditioning (“cardio”).


New Client Introductory Package

2 sessions for $100 (try us out!)

12 sessions – $69 a session
2 installments of $414 (charged at purchase and after the 6th session)

Personal Training Packages

24 Sessions – $86 per session
4 installments of $516 (charged at purchase and at the end of every 6th session)

48 Sessions – $81 per session
4 installments of $972 (charged at purchase and at the end of every 12th session)
8 installments of $486 (charged at purchase and at the end of every 6th session)

Single session – $95

Duet (2-people) and Triple (3-people) Sessions – Available upon request

Travel Packages – Available upon request beginning at $129/session (within the Alexandria metropolitan area)
Individual or groups up to 4 people

Additional important details:

Purchased packages and sessions will never expire and are non-refundable.
• All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. We make exceptions for personal illness, inclement weather, child illness or extreme circumstances.
• Your packages will be automatically renewed unless otherwise communicated.
• Packages paid in full. You’ll receive a FREE session.

Purchase a Personal Training Package


FOR classes are like having your own instructor. You get the benefit of feeling motivated by others of similar fitness backgrounds and needs. Each session includes a warm up, power, strength training, mobility, core and conditioning. It doesn’t matter if one person or six show for the session – you will pay your flat rate. Maximum: 6 people/class.

Class Packages

  • 12 total sessions (1x week) = 3 installments/ $128/month
  • 48 total sessions (1 x week) = 12 installments/$108/month
  • 96 total sessions (2 x week) = 12 installments/$216/month

Additional important details:

•  Two personal training sessions (2 for $100) are required prior to joining a class.
•  There is no limit to coming 1, 2 or 3 times per week. You can can come as often as you would like.
•  The per week usage is a guide so that the usage and installment plan match. If you complete the package before the last installment, the remaining balance is due on the final session.

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Fitness on the Run offers Yoga with highly regarded and skilled Dr. Miranda Wall. Miranda’s yoga classes reflect her chiropractic and ballet background and focus on alignment, functional movement, and proper breathing in a fun, noncompetitive environment.

Introductory Package (one per person) – $49 for 4 classes

Purchase your Yoga Introductory Package

5 classes – $100

Purchase 5 Yoga classes