Student Athletes

Helping Student Athletes Get Stronger and Faster

Know any student athletes who want to perform better in their sport and in their daily life? Know a student who could use some tips about how to use their body as their most precious prize for a sport or for life? Know a student who wants to excel and who could use some tools to get stronger, faster or more nimble? Welcome to Fitness on the Run’s Student Athlete Program where we believe every student is an athlete.

Student Athletes at FOR

We work with students from 3rd to 12th grade who range from football, lacrosse, soccer, theater and everything in between! Our students learn ways to use their own body to build strength and compete in today’s version of sport and life. They learn confidence. They get strong.

In our sessions, we will teach the basics of human movement – running, skipping, shuffling, crawling – forward and backward – that are so essential for any individual – let alone a developing child to thrive in life.

Fitness on the Run uses the industry standard tool for assessing students – Functional Movement Screen “Movement Screen for Juniors”. The Functional Movement Screen for students was developed with the understanding that a child’s history of movement experiences play a fundamental role in influencing their future patterns. Teaching them fundamental movement not only can prevent future injury but helps stimulate brain development.

In our program, we aim to teach students:
* Fundamental Movement Skills (Gross Motor Skills)
* Mobility and Stability
* Basic Motor Control
* Fundamental Sports Skills

Each new student athlete is first evaluated. In these evaluation sessions, we access each athlete’s ability to move, including joint mobility, flexibility and fitness level with highly-regarded tools used by college and professional teams. After the evaluation, the student athlete may participant in our SA Group Sessions or he/she may choose one-on-one sessions or a combination of both. Either way our student athletes come away feeling more confident, stronger and faster!

  • Remi and Rachel training

We offer the following student packages:

Student Athlete Evaluation

2 Evaluation sessions for $100
Single Evaluation session for $59 (up to 3 evaluation sessions)

Student Athlete Group

(2 or more students/maximum 4 per class)
5 Group Sessions x $39 = $195/ installment (Auto Renewal)

Individual Student Athlete

12 session x $79 = 2 installments of $474
24 sessions x $69 = 3 installments of $414 (Auto Renew)

Student Athlete Duet

12 duet sessions x 49 per person = 3 installments of $196 per person (Auto Renew)

How to get started:

Questions? email us at