Meet our skilled fitness instructors

“Each time I work with someone different, I continue to be impressed with the caliber of trainers at FOR. I feel like I learn different things from each trainer but every session that I have had so far has been great. I know that I have a very long way to go, but I am already feeling stronger from the sessions over the last month.” -Tracy C.

Skilled fitness instructors

Fitness on the Run is proud to offer the most skilled fitness instructors in Northern Virginia. Highly certified in a range of specialties, our trainers have additional backgrounds in human resources, law, education, public relations, and other professional industries. Our instructors are always aware of the newest research and hone their skills through regular continuing education.

We specialize in strength and endurance training, metabolic resistance training, stretch, mobility, Olympic-style lifts, Crossfit, Kettlebells (SFG), TRX, plyometrics, group fitness, core activation as well as nutrition. We help our clients achieve their goals, from muscle building to maintaing a healthy heart, to losing excess body weight.

Adrien Cotton

Julio Barnett

Denise Dick

Megan Crozier

Julie Miller

Damon Mock

Shawn Gray

Remi Rory

Heather Purcell