Yoga at FOR

We are excited to announce YOGA at FOR!

With Dr.Miranda Wall | Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor

Saturdays at 4:00PM

Introductory package $49 (includes 4 classes) Purchase HERE!

Miranda’s yoga classes reflect her chiropractic background and focus on alignment, functional movement, and proper breathing in a fun, non-competitive environment. She also makes sure to integrate modifications of certain poses to make the classes accessible to a broad audience. She likes to explain what muscle groups you’re activating and/or stretching in specific postures so that students can both feel and visualize the purpose of the pose. Her goal is to help students gain greater self-awareness, strength, and flexibility to incorporate into their daily lives, and have a little fun while they’re at it.

Yoga is not only a great cross training tool that will help with athletic performance, but it is also a mindfulness practice. The emphasis on form, focus, and breath translates into increased efficiency and enjoyment in your sport and your life. You will gain better body awareness and build neurological connections between the brain and muscles, leading to more efficient movements and reducing the risk of injury. In each class we focus on alignment, mobility, transitional movements between poses, and mental endurance. Miranda especially likes to focus on balancing poses because they teach you how to properly engage your core and help you develop a sense of where your body is in space. Plus they are both mentally and physically challenging.

Overall, practicing yoga gives you an awareness to better understand your body. You discover where you’re tight or flexible, strong or weak. By balancing these discrepancies, you can reduce your risk for injury and feel better.