Become an FOR Certified Trainer

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Become an FOR Certified Trainer

Fitness on the Run (FOR) is continually in pursuit of the best in class trainers in Northern Virginia. We seek individuals interested in becoming an FOR certified trainer to those with experience.

Fitness on the Run’s trainer curriculum considers every individual independent of their experience. Our methodology of hiring the best people for our community comes before any review of certification and experience. We want the right person who will fit our dynamic team of professionals.

We teach the skills necessary to become a popular and highly-requested certified trainer at Fitness on the Run. We start with an exploration of your athletic background and design the curriculum that will help you succeed at FOR and beyond. We watch you move and you watch us. We make sure you are 100% ready to help our clients move better. We help you learn the importance of functional and bodyweight training and eventually work on more complex and complicated movements.

Our trainers are nutrition therapists, Functional Movement System specialists, Mixed Martial Arts instructors, proficient in Kettlebells through Dragon Door and StrongFirst and much more.   We share in the belief that it is best to move well than to overload your body with too much weight or repetitions.  Longevity is the main goal for all of us at Fitness on the Run. Therefore, we teach proper posture, correct movement patterns and functional strength.

Interested candidates should contact us with any questions and concerns at


The experience I’ve had at FOR has been more than I could have imagined at a small business. FOR invested in my professional development and education, patiently coached me from an athlete to a skilled fitness coach with dozens of clients, rewarded me through regular increases in compensation and bonuses and I’m massively grateful for the experience. – Jason (FOR Trainer)