We’re here to help you achieve results while having fun!

Our classes are limited to 8. We keep it small to ensure our coaches can teach proper technique while making sure you to reach your goals! We get to know YOU and your goals.

Our classes combine kettlebells, bodyweight training, mobility drills, balance training, cardio, TRX and other fun tools and are suitable for ANY fitness level. A class will never be exactly the same, but will always combine a safe, effective mix of strength, cardio and conditioning that deliver amazing results!

Check out our class schedule below to see which times, classes and trainers work best for you. Classes are open to all clients who have completed (3) Introductory Get Fit for Life sessions with a class package. Don’t miss out on the over-20 classes we offer SEVEN days per week and during MOST times of the day to meet your needs. No excuses!

Get Fit For Life

We want you to feel confident participating in our Classes. Therefore, we ask for you to train with an experienced trainer for (3) private sessions before registering for an FOR class. In these sessions, we will get to know YOU and YOUR goals and assess your fitness level. Your trainer will provide you the best advice on which FOR classes fit your goals and experience. Best of all: YOU will join other MOTIVATED FOR clients also on their journey for lasting RESULTS.


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Rise & Shine

Get out of bed early! This class will include ample time for warm-up, an understanding that the sun is another hour from rising AND that you are here to work. These workouts include: plyometrics, tension drills, body-weight movements. Recovery sections are planned and strictly enforced. This is an intermediate and advance class that will often include some kettlebell work, but no swings.

TRX Suspension Training

The TRX suspension system is very popular with professional teams across the globe and is an amazing alternative to your typical training program. TRX Suspension training includes resistance training, strength training, cardio and mobility. That’s why we love it

Get R.I.P.P.E.D.

A total body, high intensity style program, utilizing kettlebells, resistance and body weight training that masterfully combines the components of R.I.P.P.E.D. – Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometric, Endurance and DYNAMITE. Our trainers are masterful at making this not only challenging but FUN! *New members please consult with a FOR trainer before attending this class.


From the first minute to the last, you’ll find yourself challenged through mainly body-weight exercises that will elevate your heart safely and burn the fat you came to lose. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) includes repeated brief bursts of “work” followed by recovery. No need to learn KB swings. We rarely program them here. You can expect battling ropes, jump ropes, TRX and a lot of body weight movements. Our trainer for this class has a loyal following so sign up early!

Kettlebell 101

A great class for anyone new to kettlebells. Classes cover all the basic kettlebell movements such as the deadlift, goblet squat, and swing. Our Trainers will emphasize form, core strength and mobility. Kettlebell 101 will get you ready for our more advanced kettlebell classes.

Kettlebell BURN

Start your day STRONGER with our masterful Kettlebell instructors as they work you through fundamental “Level 1” kettlebell movements like the swing, clean, press, squat, and Turkish Get Up. The BURN often comes from the “doubles” (two kettlebells at once) or complex movements (several exercises in one full movement without parking the Kettlebell). You may want to consider taking a few “Kettlebell 101” classes prior to this class.

Met Con Kettlebell

This class will take your cardio health to a new level. This class will include swings, squats, and a variety of press movements. In addition will incorporate medicine balls, battle ropes and plyometric exercises to condition your entire body and get you strong. This class is recommended for intermediate and advance members. Please see a FOR trainer if you have additional questions.

Balls, Bands & Ropes

Join us in this FUN workout for any fitness level including many of our gym toys (battling ropes, medicine balls, tubing and stretch bands).The class is focused on building strength and balance in addition to core and cardiovascular endurance. We include no Kettlebell movements, so no previous experience required. This is a perfect class for FOR veterans and anyone new to FOR. It’s for anyone who enjoys breaking a sweat and getting in their cardio.

Strength & Conditioning

This is one of FOR’s most popular classes. In this class, you will be challenged with power, strength, mobility and conditioning. Not only will you get super strong, you will get your heart rate elevated and BURN FAT. Expect sled, plyometrics and bodyweight work like push ups, pull-ups and 1-leg movements.


If you’re looking to get your heart rate up, this is the class for you! An awesome High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout with a mixture of both Kettlebells and Battle Ropes. This class is sure to give you a cardio blast with the strength training you need to get you through your week.

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