Dominika’s love of active lifestyle started in her early childhood as both of her parents were athletes. Most of her free time was spent on the track and field stadium. In 2006 Dominika became the captain of the Slovak national team in ISF Cross Country World Championship and was also competing in 800m track events.

Dominika’s research work focused on coaching and motivation based on Atkinson’ s Achievement Motivation Theory. Her thesis linked life quality and achievement motivation as a motive power for success in life and sports. On the academic side, Dominika followed her passion for sports by earning B. Sc. in Sports Science and M. Ed. In Physical Education from University of Matej Bel in Slovakia. While working towards her degree, Dominika switched to long-distance running and raced in multiple international events, such as European Half-Marathon Cup and Supermarathon.

Dominika started working as a personal trainer in 2013 and her professional knowledge and personable approach helped many clients achieve their health goals. She doesn’t believe in every new fitness trend, however stays on top of current training methods that have science behind them.

Her favorite challenge is triathlon and you can often spot her doing one of three sports in the area. She recently obtained a certification in Sports Psychology for Peak Performance.

“As a fitness coach I know that if I want my clients to work hard, I’d better work hard too. Coaching is not about counting reps. It takes much more than that. It’s about being a role model. My knowledge allows me to see ways to go and my passion for fitness helps me encourage people to achieve their goals step by step”.

Dominika’s favorite exercise: Pull Ups and jumps-any kind
Dominika’s exercise goal: Ironman Kona
Dominika’s favorite place to exercise: Mount Vernon Trail and its parks
Dominika’s stress relief: Yoga, practicing mindfulness, cooking
Dominika’s greatest fitness challenge: Supermarathon, that consist of 15 miles every day for 6 days
Dominika’s biggest food challenge: Paleo cookies and sweet treats
Dominika’s rise and shine: I try to be in bed by 9:30. I am used to wake up at 4, but ideally 5am is the best time to start the day for me.
Dominika’s wellness lesson learned this year: Less is sometimes more.