Sometimes life takes you on a long winding path to your true passion. Having spent more than 17 years in marketing, most recently in healthcare, Jason has decided to give up office life to pursue his life-long passion. An athlete his entire life, Jason wants to share his experience and passion for fitness to help others achieve their health goals and maybe even find the same passion.

Jason’s current sport of choice is triathlon. He’s competed in a number of local races, qualified for National age group championships in both short and long course and has completed two Ironman triathlons. His love for sports and fitness doesn’t start or end with triathlon. A life-long runner, Jason has completed 10 marathons, has a brown belt in Judo and loves playing softball and flag football. He also gives back to the sports community, assisting with the wrestling program at a local high school, serving as a youth baseball and softball coach and a running coach for one of DC’s largest triathlon teams.

Jason earned his level 1 and 2 Functional Movement Systems (FMS) certification in August 2017 and his StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1 certification in January 2018.

Jason’s favorite exercise: Pushups, pullups and dips because they can be done virtually anywhere.
Jason’s exercise goal: Qualify for the Boston Marathon and Kettlebell Level I Certification.
Jason’s favorite place to exercise: Cycling on Skyline Drive and/or running on the Mt. Vernon Trail.
Jason’s stress relief: Running.
Jason’s greatest fitness challenge: Any open water swim and completing Ironman Lake Placid in under 12 hrs.
Jason’s biggest food challenge: Tex-Mex and Margaritas.
Jason’s rise and shine: Up at 5:00am for a run or swim and then on with the day.
Jason’s wellness lesson learned this year: More mileage is not a substitute for strength and mobility training.