Remi began his fitness career after joining the Air Force in 1999. His determination to meet the Air Forces guidelines led him to a passion for health and fitness. He loves studying different styles of exercise, from boxing to power lifting to yoga.

As an AFI Certified Personal Trainer, Remi specializes in calisthenics (body weight training). In 2012, he also received his Elite Calisthenics Training Certification from ISSA. Remi strives to improve each client’s overall level of fitness and mental strength. His motto is, “Everything begins in the mind!” Remi loves to push his clients beyond their previous achievements through proper strength training, positive reinforcement, and uniquely designed programs.

What Remi likes most is helping others move better. This includes those amazing student athletes and all of our FOR clients. Remi wants each child to learn to move with ease on and off the field and also have fun in every one of his/her sessions.

Remi’s favorite exercise: The “Get Up”.
Remi’s exercise goal: Do a “Get Up” with a 48kg kettlebell.
Remi’s favorite place to exercise: Anywhere! The earth is my gym!
Remi’s stress relief: Other than working out, I love to read and meditate.
Remi’s greatest fitness challenge: SFG Course.
Remi’s biggest food challenge: Cheese, unfortunately.
Remi’s rise and shine: Usually sleep by 11pm and up by 6 am.
Remi’s wellness lesson learned this year: To not be as focused with the outcome and learn to enjoy the process.