Ryan enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for health and fitness with others while helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. He received his B.S. in Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise from Virginia Tech and has been training in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area since 2005. Ryan also studied Kung Fu and Qigong for nearly 5 years and practices to this day. He credits the RKC for shaping his philosophy on strength and movement.

Ryan has taught numerous kettlebell workshops throughout northern Virginia and has helped several individuals successfully earn their RKC and HKC certifications. His workshops have consisted of people from all walks of life including: beginners, athletes, and other health and fitness professionals. Ryan has even been contracted out by the Army to teach the fitness instructors and patrons on base at Fort Belvoir. His fitness honors include being named as an RKC Assistant Instructor, Vienna RKC in April 2013, and as HKC Assistant Instructor, Gaithersburg HKC, in May 2014.

In addition to helping others reach their health and fitness goals, Ryan also enjoys spending time at the beach, going to the movies, seeing stand-up comedy, attending concerts and sporting events, and hanging out with his friends and family. He’s a bit of a soccer nut and really gets into football season (Go Giants!). He also enjoys reading all sorts of books: military history, science-y stuff, and thrillers (especially Dan Brown books).

Ryan’s certifications include American Council On Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (ACE); Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor Level II (RKC II); Certified Kettlebell – Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS); Primal Move Fundamentals 1 Instructor; and Precision Nutrition.

Ryan’s favorite exercise: Turkish Getup and Kettlebell Swing.
Ryan’s exercise goal: Exercise Goal: 1-Arm Pull-up.
Ryan’s favorite place to exercise: On the beach.
Ryan’s stress relief: Go for a walk, do tai chi, and write in a journal.
Ryan’s greatest fitness challenge: Running 5 miles up a mountain at cross country camp in high school.
Ryan’s biggest food challenge: Making sure I take the time to get all of my meals in during a busy day and varying the foods that I eat.
Ryan’s rise and shine: During the week I go to bed around 9 pm and wake up between 4:20 and 5:20 am depending on when my first client is scheduled.
Ryan’s wellness lesson learned this year: That I need to work on my sleep patterns.