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Fit FOR Life

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3 Personal Training Sessions

Plus + ONE MONTH of unlimited classes OR ONE MONTH of Small Groups

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Jump Start Your Fitness

  • 3 One-hour Training Sessions with an experienced coach tailored to your goals.
  • 1 FREE Month of Unlimited Classes or 1 FREE Month of Small Groups
  • Guaranteed RESULTS! Get Leaner AND stronger!
  • Don’t struggle by trying to reach goals alone!

Start your health and fitness journey today!

At Fitness on the Run, we do not subscribe to a “quick fix” or extreme measures that can sacrifice your long-term health. We believe the most successful workout programs start with YOU in mind – not what the person down the street or next to you in class is aiming to achieve. We honor that YOU are an individual on your own journey.

Each 50-minute individualized personal training session includes a warm up, strength training, conditioning, and lots of FUN cardio. We offer an experienced and supportive trainers who meet you at your current level, establish your goals and preferences, and set up a plan for success! Sessions will be fun, varied, safe, and give you RESULTS.

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“Every workout is different. Instructors cater to my injuries and needs.”

“I get results AND personal attention.”

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Offering a variety of classes and small groups for YOU!

More variety to keep you having fun! Group Classes (Max 8 People) and Small Group Classes (Max 4 People)

FOR Bootcamp

This workout will include lighter weights and more reps to get that heart rate elevated, build strength and improve your overall health!


Work your way through functional ab, back and hip exercises that will help your midsection.

FOR Jumpstart

New to FOR or coming off a long layoff – this class is perfect for you. Will teach you how to squat, push up, deadlift, and plank perfectly.

Kettlebell 101

A great class for anyone new to kettlebells. Classes cover all the basic kettlebell movements such as the deadlift, goblet squat, and swing.

Rise & Shine

Get out of bed early! This class will include ample time for warm-up, an understanding that the sun is another hour from rising AND that you are here to work. These workouts include: plyometrics, tension drills, body-weight movements.

Ropes, Balls & Bands

Join us in this fun workout including many of our gym toys (battle ropes, medicine balls, tubing and bands). The class is focused on building strength and balance in addition to core and cardiovascular endurance.

Strength & Conditioning

This is one of FOR’s most popular classes. In this class, you will be challenged with power, strength, mobility and conditioning. Not only will you get super strong, you will get your heart rate elevated and BURN FAT.

Cardio Flex

You want your cardio but wants to get strong at the same time? This is your class. Like all of our classes, this is scalable so every movement can be modified for every individual in our class. You can expect sled, jumps, shuffles, some balls and strength training movements too!

Small Group

Come experience the feeling of a one-on-one personal training session for half the cost. Build strength; elevate your heart rate; work balance, agility and all those body parts needing extra attention!

Move Better

Learn how to do basic movements that we use in our daily lives. Some movements may include lifting, push/pull, walking, balance, grip strength – all scaled to your fitness level.

Student Athlete

Do you know an student athlete who wants to move better on the field, in the pool or just on the school playground? Are you keenly interested in giving your student the gift of confidence through proper coaching of mechanics, movements and all-the-while having fun? Then you want to join our other 20 student athletes who can tell you themselves how much better they move after their work at FOR.

$99 Jump Start Your Fitness

3 Personal Traiing Sessions + 1 FREE Month of Unlimited Classes or 1 FREE Month of Small Groups