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3 Personal Training Sessions

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Jump Start Your Fitness

  • 3 One-hour Training Sessions with an experienced coach tailored to your goals.
  • Guaranteed RESULTS! Get Leaner AND stronger!
  • Don’t struggle by trying to reach goals alone!

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Each 50-minute individualized personal training session includes a warm up, strength training, conditioning, and lots of FUN cardio. We offer experienced and supportive trainers who meet you at your current level, establish your goals and preferences, and set up YOUR plan for success! Sessions will be fun, varied, safe, and give you RESULTS.

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“Every workout is different. Instructors cater to my injuries and needs.”

“I get results AND personal attention.”

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Offering a variety of classes for YOU!

More variety to keep you having fun! Group Classes (Max 8 People)

TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

Do you think a program developed by a Navy SEAL would work for you? He needed a program that could help he and his felo SEALS stay in shape wherever they were located around the world. Our TRX classes are sold out often so don’t hesitate to register! Whether you are a beginner or someone pushing toward your PR, TRX training helps you move better, live better and get stronger and leaner.

Get R.I.P.P.E.D.

A total body, high intensity style program, utilizing kettlebells, resistance and body weight training that masterfully combines the components of R.I.P.P.E.D. – Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometric, Endurance and DYNAMITE. Our trainers are masterful at making this not only challenging but FUN! *New members please consult with a FOR trainer before attending this class.


From the first minute to the last, you’ll find yourself challenged through mainly body-weight exercises that will elevate your heart safely and burn the fat you came to lose. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) includes repeated brief bursts of “work” followed by recovery. You can expect battling ropes, jump ropes, TRX and a lot of body weight movements. Our trainer for this classs has a loyal following so sign up early!

Stretch for Strength

Ready for 50 minutes of stretch, mobility and strength training all in one? Feel like your yoga or Pilates class isn’t enough? Did you know your flexibility, mobility and balance are key to getting stronger and building muscle? Stretch for Strength is a perfect complement to your strength, racing and/or conditioning program. We will work on flexibility and mobility and teach you how to hold Yoga-like poses in addition to multiple ways to open up your joints for the best results from your fitness program you can imagine.

Balls, Bands & Ropes

Join us in this fun workout including many of our gym toys (battle ropes, medicine balls, tubing and bands). The class is focused on building strength and balance in addition to core and cardiovascular endurance. *FOR EVERYONE and great compliment to all other fitness programs & Classes.

Kettlebell 101

A great class for anyone new to kettlebells. Classes cover all the basic kettlebell movements such as the deadlift, goblet squat, and swing.

Rise & Shine

Studies say early risers are more fit! Get out of bed early! This 5:15AM class includes ample time for warm-up, with the sun is another hour from rising. We know you are here to work. These workouts include: plyometrics, tension drills, body-weight movements and resistance training of many formats.

Strength & Conditioning

This is one of FOR’s most popular classes. In this class, you will be challenged with power, strength, mobility and conditioning. Not only will you get super strong, you will get your heart rate elevated and BURN FAT.

Kettlebell Burn

Start your day STRONGer with our masterful Kettlebell instructors as they work you through fundamental “Level 1” kettlebell movements like the swing, clean, press, squat, and Turkish Get Up. The BURN often comes from the “doubles” (two kettlebells at once) or complex movements (several exercises in one full movement without parking the Kettlebell). You will want to consider taking a few “Kettlebell 101” classes or Personal Training instruction prior to this class. It is a BURN!

Met Con Kettlebell

This class will take your cardio health to a new level. This class will include Kettlebell swings, squats, and overhead presses and lots more. In addition, we incorporate medicine balls, battle ropes and plyometric exercises to condition your entire body and get you strong. This class is recommended for intermediate and advance members. Please see a FOR trainer if you have additional questions.

$99 Jump Start Your Fitness

3 Personal Traiing Sessions + 1 FREE Month of Unlimited Classes