Healthy nutrition – whether food, sleep or stress management can literally dictate your fitness potential. Therefore, we take these things very seriously as we approach your fitness plan.

Therefore, we have partnered with the innovators at Territory. They offer tasty, healthy eating made simple for folks like us with an active lifestyle who want to feel, look and perform better. Yet, cleaning up your eating and staying with it can be a big shift. They take some of the shopping and cooking load off your plate. You can enjoy fresh, locally made, responsibly sourced and delicious meals (and some recipe inspiration for your kitchen), without the time and brain commitment of going it alone.

FOR offers ongoing Nutrition Coaching with Health Coach and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Megan Crozier. Contact Megan at

Wellness Visit

An FOR Wellness Visit: in depth evaluation of your sleep, exercise, stress and nutrition

Ever feel like you are doing everything right, but you still feel like you are not meeting your goals? Feel like you need a little need extra help? Or, do you feel like you need extra attention to your wellness and could use a brush up on the latest research with a focus on YOU?

FOR Founder and Co- Owner Adrien can meet with you one-on-one for one hour to discuss your current wellness program, adjust and redirect where you see fit and even help motivate you to take the next steps on your journey for total health and wellness.

FOR philosophy- Fitness on the Run is Fitness for Life. Combining a focus on strong bodies and strong minds with a robust wellness education program and unparalleled personalized attention, we provide fitness for health, longevity and functionality.

Your visit will include a wellness plan that focuses on your sleep quality, exercise program, stress management and nutrition approach.

Wellness Visit

For $125 your visit will include a wellness plan and audit that focuses on your sleep, exercise, stress and nutrition. Adrien is keenly interested in your short term and long terms health needs as a starting point.

Questions? Or, to book your Wellness Visit, email Adrien at