Personal Training

Personal training at FOR: A Personal and Educated Approach to Strength

While some believe the latest trend of “more cardio” so-you-are-drenched-in-a-pool-of-sweat is best for them, we at FOR we have actually done the research. While, yes, elevating your heart rate is one component to your fitness, we want to meet you where you are – right now – at the right pace for YOU. We aim for injury prevention, correct form and individualized attention. Period.

We do not subscribe to a “quick fix” or any extreme measures that can ultimately sacrifice your long term health. We believe the most successful fitness programs start with YOU in mind – not what the person down the street or next to you in class is aiming to achieve. We honor that YOU are an individual on your own journey.

Each 50-minute individualized personal training session includes a warm up, strength training, conditioning, and resistance work. Our One-on-One Training program is the backbone on which we’ve built our approach. We offer an experienced and supportive trainer who will meet you at your current level, establish your goals and preferences, and set up a plan for success! Sessions will be fun, safe, and effective.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

All new Personal Training clients can count on FOUR things: Personalized attention, building strength, learning from a professional and RESULTS.

Our Fit for Life $99 package allows you to start your health and fitness journey for THREE sessions to see if this is the right fit for you.

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