Student Athletes

Helping Student Athletes Get Stronger and Faster

Know any student athletes who want to perform better in their sport and in their daily life? Know a student who could use some tips about how to use their body as their most precious prize for a sport or for life? Know a student who wants to excel and who could use some tools to get stronger, faster or more nimble? Welcome to Fitness on the Run’s Student Athlete Program where we believe every student is an athlete.

Student Athletes at FOR

Since every athlete is an individual at their own fitness level, we offer our “Get Fit for Life” Introductory Package for the athlete interested in getting stronger at FOR. It is value packed including (3) one-on-one Personal Training sessions to evaluate your athlete and find the right fit for him/her.

Athlete’s commonly seek the individual attention of our skilled trainers and choose one–on-one training, yet can also choose to join existing Student Athlete Group’s that meet several times a week. If your athlete has a friend or two who are interested in forming a Student Athlete group, we ask for a minimum of (3) athletes to agree upon a day and time to meet.

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Feel free to contact us at with any question about this very popular program where we’ve seen over 20 area athletes see results.

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