Our Trainers

Offering highly educated fitness trainers

We are a team of highly certified trainers in a range of specialties. We continually explore new research to offer our clients the most personalized and expert experience based on real – and current – science.

When you come to FOR, you will find a community of like-minded trainers and clients who value education as a top value on which we have built our team and our business.

Our clients get smarter about not only the how but the why.

Our team holds certifications and specialize in

  • strength and endurance training,
  • metabolic resistance training,
  • Bootcamp,
  • the fitness for the aging,
  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS),
  • agility training,
  • rehabilitation,
  • injury prevention,
  • stretch,
  • mobility,
  • Olympic-style lifts,
  • Kettlebells,
  • TRX and plyometrics,
  • core activation
  • and nutrition.


We aim to provide our clients with the best approach whether they are 13 or 93 years old.

We help clients achieve goals from muscle building to maintaining a healthy heart, to losing excess body weight. We also pride ourselves on researching the latest studies on sleep, stress and nutrition and love to share it with our valued and beloved clients.

Our trainers thoughtfully, confidentially and delicately evaluate your lifestyle choices making suggestions to help you mindfully approach your health.

Our team will challenge you with simple tips to increase your fitness outside of the gym where you spend the other 23 hours of your day!


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