Wellness Visit

Wellness Visit

A Wellness Visit: in depth evaluation and inventory of your total wellness

Ever feel like you are doing everything right, yet you still feel like you are not meeting your health, wellness and fitness goals? Feel like you need a little need extra help? Or, do you feel like you need extra attention to your wellness and could use a brush up on the latest research with a focus on YOU?

FOR Founder and Owner Adrien has 15 years experience working with many who’ve overcome obstacles or others who needed a little shift in their daily habits to reach their ultimate health, wellness and fitness. She can meet with you one-on-one for one hour to discuss your current wellness program, adjust and redirect where and motivate you to take the next steps on your journey for total health and wellness.

Bring a notebook and all of your questions. Your visit will include a monthly wellness plan and audit that focuses on your daily habits and how you fuel yourself through sleep, exercise, stress resilience and nutrition.

Questions? Or, to book your Wellness Visit, email Adrien at contact@alexandriawellness.com